Computer Engineering Research

The Department of Computer Engineering's research and teaching emphasizes interdisciplinary system design. In addition to the four areas below, faculty work on a variety of projects in collaborations throughout the Baskin School and UCSC, as well as with other industrial and academic partners. Students can pursue BS, MS, and PhD research in these areas and more.


Wireless networks, high-speed networks, sensor networks, algorithms and protocols for computer communication, quality of service

Alexandre Brandwajn, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Patrick Mantey, Katia Obraczka, Brad Smith, Anujan Varma. Hamid R. Sadjadpour (EE), Benjamin Friedlander (EE), Claire Gu (EE), John Musacchio (TIM), Kevin Ross (TIM).

Robotics and Control

Autonomous vehicles, sensor fusion, exoskeletons, medical robots, biomolecular control

Cyrus Bazeghi, Renwick Curry, William Dunbar, Gabriel Hugh Elkaim, Stephen Petersen, Jacob Rosen, Donald M. Wiberg.

Computer System Design

CAD of VLSI, computer architecture, parallel and distributed systems, VLSI and FPGA design, placement and routing, fault diagnosis

Alexandre Brandwajn, Pak K. Chan, Andrea Di Blas, Joel Ferguson, Matthew Guthaus, Richard Hughey, Tracy Larrabee, Jose Renau, Martine Schlag. Darrell Long (CS), Charlie McDowell (CS), Ethan L. Miller (CS). Harwood Kolsky (retired).

Sensing and Interaction

Computer vision, remote sensing, telemetry, computer-based collaboration, assistive and rehabilitative technology, human-computer interaction

Gabriel Hugh ElkaimSri Kurniawan, Roberto Manduchi, Patrick Mantey, Jacob Rosen, . Suresh K Lodha (CS), Dominic Massaro (Psych), Peyman Milanfar (EE), Alex Pang (CS), Glen Langdon (retired).

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